Oct. 2015        Ringling Faculty Exhibition, Selby Gallery, Ringling College of Art and Design,

                          Sarasota, Florida.  Annual participation since 1987.

Oct-Mar. 2015  Highland Art Museum, Sebring, Fl. Ringling College, Fine Arts Exhibit

Mar. 2014         John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Arts/Industry: Collaboration and Revelation

Jan. 2014          All in the Family, Icehouse Gallery, Sarasota, Fl. 

June   2011       Selby Art Gallery- Florida Artists, Sarasota, Florida

Feb.  2011         Longboat Key Art Center, solo show outdoors, 5 Large Works.

Apr-May 2010  Museum of Florida Art Biennial V,  Deland, Florida, two works

Mar. 2010         Iconcept, Sarasot Art Center.

May 2009         Deluxe Arts Gallery, Miami, Florida

Mar. 2009         Idol and Icons, Sarasota Art Center

Jan. 2009          Manatee Community College, Fine Arts Gallery, Bradenton Fl.

Oct. 2008         Too Precious to Sell, Sarasota Art Center

Oct. 2007        C Emerson Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida. Two person show with Jarrod Anderson.

Oct. 2007        Sarasota Art Center, Sarasota, Florida.  Two person show.

Feb. 2007         Big Arts, Sanibel Island, Florida.  Three person show.

Nov. 2006       MackB Gallery, Sarasota, Florida.  Four person family show.

Jan-Feb. 2006  Solo show - 42 sculptures, Manatee Community College,

Fine Arts Gallery, Bradenton, FL.                                       Oct 2004           Alumni Show, University of South Dakota, Vermillion S.D.

Jul. 2004          Multiple Visions V, Selby Gallery, Sarasota, FL.  History of Art, Sarasota, FL.

Mar. 2004,       Planned Parenthood of Southwest Florida, show and auction. Also in 2000, 2002, 2003.

Jun. 2002         University of South Dakota, Vermillion S.D.  Solo show of 28 sculptures

Mar. 2001-2    Artists Helping Artists show and auction.

Feb.-Mar.2001 Exhibition of Faculty Artists from Florida Private Colleges and University, Melvin     

                        Gallery of Art, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida.  Richard Vine, jurist.

Oct.-May 2001            Ringling Museum of Art works on display.

Sep. 1999         Florida and the Southeast: The Gulf Coast Museum of Art Collection, Florida Gulf Coast                                                              

                        Museum of Art, Largo, Florida.

Jul.-Sep. 1997  Mira Mar Gallery, Sarasota, Florida.

Dec. 1996        Mira Mar Gallery, Sarasota, Florida.

Oct.-Nov.1995            State Street Gallery, Sarasota, Florida.

Sep. 1995         Sculpture on the Grounds, Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Bellaire, Florida.

Jun.-Sep. 1994 Featuring Florida, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Florida.  Henry Geldzahler, curator.  Three large works selected in this statewide competition.

Jul.-Dec. 1993  Invitational Outdoor Exhibition, the city of West Palm Beach Florida.  Linda Fleetwood, curator.  Three large works on sites in West Palm Beach.

Apr.-May 1993            Royal Palm Sculpture Garden, Vero Beach, Florida.  A national competition sponsored by the Southeastern Sculpture Association.  Thirteen large outdoor works were selected.

May-Jun. 1992 1992 Juried Exhibition, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida.

May 1992        Armory Art Center, Figurative Small Works Exhibit, West Palm Beach, Florida.  Awarded Second Prize.

Feb.-Mar. 1992            Florida National VII, Florida State University Gallery and Museum, Tallahassee, Florida.  Honorable Mention.

Nov. 1991       Well This Must Be The Place, Sarasota, Florida.

Jun. 1991         Scriptwriter, the Contemporary Arts Series, Sculpture of the 1980’s, an overview of

                        Contemporary Sculptors 1980-1990, a thirty minute video produce by Business Arts, Inc.,                 Sarasota, FL.  This video was used as an introduction to contemporary sculpture show held                   at the Whitney Museum in 1993.

May, Oct 1990            New Center for Creative Awareness, Sarasota, Florida.  Three artist exhibition.

Mar. 1990        Inner Views of Time and Place, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

Jan. 1990         1990 Arts Festival Beth El, Temple Beth El, St. Petersburg, FL.  Jurors’ award in                                                        Sculpture. Also participated in 1988, 1989.

Nov. 1989       New Works, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

Apr. 1989        The Southeast Open Juried Show, St. Petersburg Art Center, St. Petersburg, Florida.Jan. 1989  26th Annual Major Florida Artists Show, Foster Harmon Galleries of American Art,                              Sarasota, FL.

Nov. 1988       Sculpture in the Woods, Woodlot Gallery, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.